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TechNed® Benelux BV is the manufacturer of explosion-proof and maintenance-free lighting fixtures, cable glands and housings, for use in hazardous and industrial areas.

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TechNed® Benelux BV, formerly known as Technor Benelux BV, was founded in 2008 by brothers Marcel and Erwin Geluk and is the manufacturer of explosion-proof products with headquarters and production facility in Spijk, the Netherlands.


The core activity of TechNed® Benelux BV consists of the development and production of (maintenance-free) products and systems that help solve challenging situations for end users. TechNed® Benelux BV has now also opened an office in Italy (TechNed Italy Srl) to serve the South European and North African market. In total, TechNed® Benelux BV offers employment for 25-30 FTEs and is regularly looking for new colleagues.


As a manufacturer of high-quality products and systems for use in hazardous and industrial areas where maintenance is not only expensive, but also poses a safety risk, TechNed® Benelux BV contributes to the growing awareness of environmentally friendly systems, such as 100% recycling, reduction of CO2 emissions and energy savings.


TechNed® Benelux BV offers reliable (lighting) solutions and systems that not only meet primary needs, but also provide safety for personnel and installations in hazardous and industrial areas.